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      Configuring the INS to Output Data After Power is On (Auto-Start)

      Posted by Luke Wilson on Aug 20, 2020 11:03:57 AM

      Purpose: To understand how to configure the INS to start outputting data after power is on without any command from the host computer.

      Last Updated: June 2020

      There are two different auto start options in the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The first one gives the ability for the GUI to accept data from the INS when it is in auto start mode. This setting should only be used if the user plans on using the device in the GUI.

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      Topics: INS, Data, GUI, Auto, Auto-Start, Output, Power, Automatic

      Inertial Navigation System Data Flow Chart

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 19, 2020 2:25:00 PM

      Purpose: The purpose of this Knowledge Base article is to show how information is used from respective sensors inside the Inertial Navigation System. Although a complex product, this diagram breaks down the different functions and explains how data is used and how it can be accessed on the device.

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      Topics: INS, Data, Flowchart, Flow, Communication, Ports, COM

      Summary of Aiding Data Features for INS

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 19, 2020 11:06:07 AM

      Last Updated: February 2020

      Purpose: To highlight the benefits and limitations of using aiding data for the Inertial Labs Inertial Navigation System (INS).
      The purpose of this article is to explain the benefits of using aiding data when operating an Inertial Labs Inertial Navigation System. For many applications, there is knowledge of position, orientation, or velocities that could be valuable during periods of GNSS outage. This additional information can be delivered to the Inertial Labs Kalman Filter and provide extended operation when other aiding data is not available. Unfortunately, the lack in understanding of how to use this data to benefit the user creates a lost opportunity for higher quality results, therefor this briefing will outline the benefits and overall types of data than can be of use for the Inertial Labs Kalman Filter.

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      Topics: external, Data, DVL, Aiding, Wheel, Odometer, Wind, Sensor, Gyrocompass, Doppler, Velocity

      Maximum Cable Length vs. Data Rate

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 5:01:59 PM

      Purpose: To list out the different commonly used cables, and their corresponding maximum data rate given the length of the cable. These values are based off of estimated ideal conditions and should be interpreted with understanding that in real world applications results may vary.

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      Topics: Data, Rate, Cable, Length

      IMU GUI Adjusting Baud Rate, Data Rate, LPF

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 2:28:24 PM

      Purpose: Adjusting general settings of Baud Rate, Data Rate, and Low Path Filter in GUI for IMU.

      Last Updated: July 2019

      Changing the Baud rate:

      • After connecting IMU open the GUI
      • Click on "Test Options"
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      Topics: IMU, IMU-P, Data, LPF, Guide, Baud, Filter

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