IMU GUI Adjusting Baud Rate, Data Rate, LPF

Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 2:28:24 PM
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Purpose: Adjusting general settings of Baud Rate, Data Rate, and Low Path Filter in GUI for IMU.

Last Updated: July 2019

Changing the Baud rate:

  • After connecting IMU open the GUI
  • Click on "Test Options"
Test OptionsTest Options
  • After selecting the IMU from the correct "Serial Port" from the dropdown menu, select the desired "Baud rate" from the dropdown menu, then click "ok".

Changing Data rate:

  • Click on "Device Options".
Device options
  • Change the "Data Rate" to the desired frequency and select "ok".

Data Rate

Adjusting the Low Path Filter (LPF):

  • Click on "Sensor Options"

Sensor Options

  • From the dropdown menu for "LPF Bandwidth", select the desired frequency and click "okay".

LPF Bandwidth


Topics: IMU, IMU-P, Data, LPF, Guide, Baud, Filter

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