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      Manually Converting a .flash File to a .prm File

      Posted by Luke Wilson on Aug 20, 2020 1:49:29 PM

      Purpose: To understand how to convert a .flash file to .prm file.

      Last Updated: August 2020

      First, the user should open their .flash file in notepad++.

      Then, they should install “Hex-editor” plugin by going to the “Plugins” menu, then select “Plugins Admin”, then navigate to the “Available” tab, then click “Install”.

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      Topics: Parameters, Flash, File, Converting, PRM

      IMU-P-S Parameter Configuration Guide

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 3:46:35 PM


      The IMU-P-S is configured at the factory according to the part number ordered. However, the need does arise for custom user-defined configurations depending on the application at hand. This User Manual will go through how to manually configure configuration parameters despite the inability to access Service Mode in SENSONAR STIM300 EVK PC Software.

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      Topics: IMU, IMU-P, Configuration, Parameters, Service, Mode, STIM300, STIM

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