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      Euler and Quaternion Angles: Differences and Why it Matters

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 1:20:25 PM

      Purpose: To explain the orientation angles used for Inertial Labs devices and how they relate to one another.

      Last Updated: August 2019

      What's the difference and why does it matter?

      Euler angles are generally what most people consider when they picture 3D space. Each value represents the rotation in degrees (it could technically be in any units) around one of the 3 axes in 3D space. Most of the time you will want to create angles using Euler angles because they are conceptually the easier to understand. The flaw is that Euler angles have a problem known as the gimbal lock that prevents certain rotations when two axes align. The solution: quaternions.

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      Topics: MRU, AHRS, IMU, INS, AHRS-II, Angles, Quaternion, Euler, Gimbal, Lock

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