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      Reset and request additional logs of the NovAtel receiver

      Posted by Oleh Omelianenko on Jun 27, 2023 11:29:41 AM

      For experienced users only. Please follow the instructions carefully since changing the configuration of the GNSS receiver can affect the INS performance if done incorrectly.

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      Topics: GNSS, receiver, NovAtel

      INS to IMR Converter Guide for Post-Processing in Inertial Explorer

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 4:21:57 PM

      Last Updated: October 2019


      The purpose of this Guide is to explain how one uses the supplied IMU to IMR Converter. The converter is an executable file named “udd2txt” and supplied on-request by Inertial Labs customers. This executable is convenient for users of NovAtel’s Inertial Explorer Post-Processing software as it removes needed steps in converting file types for raw IMU data in Binary format, to the appropriate file type for post-processing (.imr) in Inertial Explorer. If you wish to have access to this tool, contact an Inertial Labs Support Member using:

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      Topics: INS, NovAtel, IMR, Inertial, Explorer, Post, Processing

      How to Upgrade NovAtel Receiver

      Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 2:11:51 PM

      Purpose: Steps that should be performed in order to upgrade a NovAtel receiver model.

      Step 1.

      Please provide Inertial Labs Customer Service (email to with serial number of the receiver that needs the upgrade and desired model (or desired features).

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      Topics: GNSS, receiver, update, NovAtel

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