Configuring the INS to Output Data After Power is On (Auto-Start)

Posted by Luke Wilson on Aug 20, 2020 11:03:57 AM

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Purpose: To understand how to configure the INS to start outputting data after power is on without any command from the host computer.

Last Updated: June 2020

There are two different auto start options in the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The first one gives the ability for the GUI to accept data from the INS when it is in auto start mode. This setting should only be used if the user plans on using the device in the GUI.

The user can select “Allow auto start” in the “Test options” window of the GUI as shown below.

allow auto start INSThe more common application however is that the user has the device connected to their system and wants to output data after power up and send it to another device. This pertains to auto start of the device itself, not the GUI.

The auto start option can be enabled or disabled in the drop-down list “Auto start” in the “IMU” tab of the “Devices Options” window as shown below. To allow this option the INS should be connected to PC and powered.

auto start INSNote: Once this setting is configured and power is applied to the unit, the device will still go through the Initial Alignment time (sec). If you wish to start data output immediately after power-up you will also have to change Initial Alignment time (sec) to '0'.

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