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Now graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, Will Dillingham is fully equipped to tackle all problems involving fundamental mechanics. During his time at Inertial Labs, Will has established himself as a jack-of-all-trades. From managing production projects, to maintaining and updating the website, to providing customer support, Will is a great authority on all things Inertial Labs. His main work priorities lie as an Application Engineer at Inertial Labs but in his side time he has nurtured a passion for rocketry and has experimented and tested composite propellants.
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Press Release: Ocean research vessel samples success with ABB active heave winch control technology using Inertial Labs Motion Reference Unit (MRU)

Posted by Will Dillingham on Dec 10, 2021 12:43:28 PM

Hawboldt Industries has installed an ABB winch drive with unique inbuilt active heave compensation (AHC) software at the heart of a new winch and offshore crane for the Research Vessel Kilo Moana.

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Press Release: Inertial Labs Announces the Acquisition of MEMSENSE, a Global Supplier for MEMS-Based Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Posted by Will Dillingham on Dec 1, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Unsurpassed price to performance in inertial measurement and navigation systems.

Paeonian Springs, VA, USA: Inertial Labs, an industry leading developer and supplier of orientation, inertial navigation, and optically enhanced sensor modules has acquired MEMSENSE, a developer of inertial measurement units that lead the market in performance and value.

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Product Release: The Professional Version of the Inertial Labs INS Now Released as an OEM Version for Integrators as the Supreme Navigation System for UAV and Aerial Platforms

Posted by Will Dillingham on Nov 16, 2021 3:06:25 PM

Getting the most from your Inertial Navigation System by utilizing the Inertial Labs Gyro-Compensated Magnetic Compass contained within a lightweight OEM module.

Paeonian Springs, VA, November 16, 2021: Inertial Labs Releases INS-P-OEM – An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version of the Professional Inertial Navigation System. The INS-P-OEM is the ideal solution for integrators and engineers within the aerospace community who are looking to develop a payload where cost and performance are both drivers for customer and project success. 

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Press Release: New Interfacing Options Provides Convenient Replacement of Legacy Solutions with Added Benefits of Enhanced Features and Performance.

Posted by Will Dillingham on Oct 26, 2021 4:21:48 PM

The Inertial Labs Motion Reference Unit (MRU) now features a digital to analog converter that allows for seamless integration on legacy platforms.

Paeonian Springs, VA, October 26, 2021 –The Inertial Labs MRU is a maritime motion and navigation solution that offers the best price-to-performance ratio on the market. With a long re-calibration time (6 years), easy output of commonly used data formats (Kongsberg/Seatex, Teledyne and SMC), and the added benefit of a modular design (IMU type, GNSS receiver type, and enclosure type), the MRU is the ideal replacement for older, obsolete motion and navigation systems. With its latest release of incorporating an option for users to purchase the device with an analog interface, end-users now have much more value-added to the product by the increased number of use-cases the MRU can be used in.

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Press Release: The All New and ULTRA Low-Cost, U-Blox Based, Single Antenna GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, INS-BU.

Posted by Will Dillingham on Sep 13, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Inertial Labs Lowest Cost Multi-Frequency and Multi-Constellation Solution Yet.

The new INS-BU delivers high accuracy RTK position for Air, Land, and Marine Applications.

Paeonian Springs, VA: The new INS-BU is a high performance strapdown system that determines position, velocity, and absolute orientation to any platform that it is mounted to. It utilizes a cost-effective, single antenna U-Blox GNSS receiver that provides 1 cm RTK position from RTCM3 RTK corrections and supports a wide range of GNSS constellations. Unlike other solutions available, the INS-BU comes right off the shelf with full access to all major constellations and frequencies: GPS L1/L2, GLO L1/L2, GAL E1/E5, BDS B1/B2, and QZSS L1/L2. Designed for UAVs, Land Vehicles, and Marine Vessels, the INS-BU is an effective, low-cost solution that uses a range of aiding data for different applications. With highly accurate navigation in GNSS-denied environments (utilizing the enhanced Tunnel Guide algorithm), the INS-BU delivers a comprehensive GNSS-denied solution at a price point that is unmatched.

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Product Release: Kernel-100 - MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit and Digital Tilt Sensor

Posted by Will Dillingham on Oct 26, 2020 3:39:12 PM
The Inertial Labs Kernel-100 Measures Linear Accelerations and Angular Rates with Low Noise and Very Good Repeatability

All new Kernel-100 is a breakthrough, fully integrated inertial solution that combines the latest MEMS sensor technologies.

Paeonian Springs, VA: The Kernel-100 is a revolutionary compact, self-contained strapdown industrial-grade inertial measurement system that measures linear acceleration and angular rates with three-axis MEMS accelerometers and three-axis MEMS gyroscopes. Fully calibrated, temperature compensated, mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system, the Kernel-100 contains up to 2 deg/hr bias in-run stability gyroscopes and 10 μg bias in-run stability accelerometers with extremely low noise and high repeatability.

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Press Release: Forsberg brings Inertial Labs PNT Solutions to the United Kingdom

Posted by Will Dillingham on May 18, 2020 7:45:00 AM

Inertial Labs extends further into the European PNT industry through the collaborative efforts of Forsberg and their 30 plus years of engineering and industry experience.

Paeonian Springs, VA: Since the end of 2019 Inertial Labs and Forsberg began to lay groundwork for a future partnership that would mutually expand the networks of each respective company. However, in recent months that discussion of a potential partnership started to become a reality. Forsberg has a long- and well-established reputation for being a premiere supplier of navigation sensors and equipment for application types ranging from aerial, ground and marine, all the way to mining and construction in the industrial regions of orientation and navigation sensing components. Forsberg’s team has years of experience working across a broad range of applications and this allows them to ensure that they can provide in-depth support and consultancy with confidence for Inertial Labs products.

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Product Release: TAG-200 and TAG-300 - Two and Three Axis Gyroscopes for Stabilization Platforms

Posted by Will Dillingham on May 4, 2020 7:45:00 AM
New Small, Precise Multi-Axis Gyroscopes (TAG) Increase Versatility for Commercial and Military Electro-Optical Stabilization Applications

All-new TAG-200 and TAG-300 by Inertial Labs deliver increased performance and cost savings.

Paeonian Springs, VA: With the brand-new TAG-200 and TAG-300, Inertial Labs can offer significant cost savings for electro-optical systems, remote weapons stations, and stabilization platforms without sacrificing quality or accuracy. The TAG product line consists of two-axis and three-axis gyroscopes specifically engineered to offer highly accurate real-time tracking of an object’s angular velocities. As a result, these products allow for the offset of angular rates to factor in turn and tilt.

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Press Release: Local Business and Support in India with DILabs Partnership

Posted by Will Dillingham on May 1, 2020 2:15:55 PM

A partnership that now brings the Inertial Labs business, technical support and marketing efforts locally to India.

Paeonian Springs, VA: Inertial Labs and India’s Datasol Innovative Labs (DILabs) new partnership means that India now gets local benefits from Inertial Labs well qualified products, business development strategies, technical support and marketing efforts all from a local supplier and partner. With a long history of aerial navigation platforms and a continuing effort into further reaching the marine and ground navigation industries, DILabs is well suited to be in such close partnership with the Inertial Labs team. DILabs is one of the very few companies across the globe and definitely one of the pioneer companies in India who have ingeniously designed a business platform for products with such high performance and technological designs.

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Press Release: Embention Integrates INS-P with Veronte Autopilot

Posted by Will Dillingham on Nov 26, 2019 3:13:00 PM

Inertial Labs, Inc. and Embention Complete Full Integration of Inertial Navigation System (INS-P)
and Veronte Autopilot

Paeonian Springs, VA, November 26, 2019 – Inertial Labs Inc., developer and supplier of high-performance inertial sensors and solutions, is proud to announce the completion of a benchmark integration with Embention’s Veronte Autopilot. This release was made available on November 26, 2019, and is now available for purchase.

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