Configuring Output Offset - Lever Arm for INS/IMU

Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 11:45:16 AM
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Purpose: To configure the output offset in GUI; internally known as configuring “PV measuring point relative to the IMU”. This feature is to be used if the user wishes to output IMU data from another set point on the system. A common example would have the INS/IMU sitting near the CG of a aerospace vehicle, and you wish to compute position data for a fixed point located on the wing.

Last Updated: July 2019

1. Make your way to the “Device Options”

device options2. Locate the settings in the picture below and enter the location of the measuring point you wish to output IMU data from.

INS PV Lever Arm

Note - For more information, in detail, please visit Section 4.2.1 “IMU tab of Device options window” located in the INS GUI manual provided by Inertial Labs.

Topics: IMU, INS, Arm, PV, Lever

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