INS Hardware GNSS Pinout Description

Posted by Will Dillingham on Aug 18, 2020 4:11:36 PM
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Purpose: Identify the pin outputs for the GNSS output on the INS-B, INS-P, INS-D, INS-DL

Last Updated: July 2019

GNSS board with pin numbers indicated

Figure 1. GNSS board with pin numbers identified.

Pinout Description

Pin I/O Description
1 N/A Not used
2 N/A Not used
3 N/A Not used
4 N/A Not used
5 Power Antenna feed input
6 Power Power input
7 I SPI Data
8 I COM3 input data
9 I Reset input
10 I Reset
11 I Event
12 I Reserve
13 O COM3 output
14 Power GND
15 O COM1 output
16 I COM1 input
17 Power GND
18 O COM2 output
19 I COM2 input
20 Power GND
21 O Reserve
22 Power GND
23 O PPS
24 I Reserve
25 N/A Not used
26 N/A Not used
27 N/A Not used
28 N/A Not used

Figure 2. Pinout description for each of the pins on the GNSS board.

Topics: INS, INS-D, INS-DL, INS-B, INS-P, GNSS, Pinout

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