Can I Use Dual Antenna INS as Single Antenna System?

Posted by Luke Wilson on Aug 20, 2020 11:36:23 AM

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Purpose: To understand how to use dual antenna INS as a single antenna INS.

Last Updated: June 2020

The user should unplug the second antenna and leave the primary plugged in. For reference the primary antenna port is labeled as “A1” on the device, and the secondary antenna port is labeled as “A2”. Then, change the heading correction type in the Graphic User Interface (GUI) from “Dual GNSS” to the one that fits your application. To do so, go to the “Options” tab and then select “Correction options” and then change the correction type.
For help on selecting the correct Heading Correction Type for your application see here: What Heading Correction Type Do I Use For My Application?

Dual GNSS Correction Type

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