Inertial Labs Application Base

Ground Vehicles_2



    GPS-Denied Navigation Solution 

    Land Vehicles Navigation System for: Military Ground Vehicles (GVC), Amphibious Armored Vehicles (AAV), etc.
    • Tactical-grade IMU, fused with single or dual antenna GNSS receiver;
    • High precision Heading measurements;
    • Excellent position and orientation performance in GPS-denied environments;
    • Aiding (odometer);

    Railway Navigation and Inspection

    Railway Navigation, Inspection (Track Diagnostic), and Asset Monitoring (Detection and Mapping).
    • Fully integrated solution into the Railway system;
    • Input from on-board wheel sensor for maintaining accurate position and orientation of the train in GPS-denied environments (tunnels);
    • EN 50121-3-2; EN 61000-6-1/3.





    Autonomous Land Vehicles for Precision Agriculture

    Dual Antenna Heading Navigation Solution That is Ideal for the Agricultural Community
    • 1cm RTK position accuracy;
    • 0.1° PPK Heading accuracy;
    • Multi constellation support GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS;
    • 2°/hr gyroscopes based IMU;
    • Low-cost;
    • Input from odometer/wheel sensor. 

    Roadway Smart Systems

    Smart System Navigation for Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV). Solution for Dead-Reckoning in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).
    • Excellent performance in multi-path and GPS outage environments;
    • Aiding data for integration with vehicle sensors (Camera, LiDAR, Radar, Doppler, Odometer/Wheel sensor).





    Mounted Counter UAS for Land Vehicles

    Counter unmanned aerial system (UAS) for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance in both dynamic and static environments
    • 1 cm position (RTK) accuracy;
    • 0.1° Heading accuracy;
    • 1 – 3°/hr gyro based IMU;
    • 0.05° Pitch & Roll accuracy;
    • High Shock and Vibration tolerance;
    • Low-cost.


    Mounted Counter UAS for Land Vehicles

    Robotics control sensor for both dynamic and static applications. The Inertial Labs OS3DM is lightweight and compact.
    • Lightweight and compact size;
    • 1.5° Heading accuracy over temperature range;
    • 0.5° Pitch & Roll accuracy;
    • High Shock and Vibration tolerance;
    • Low-cost.





    Indirect Fire Control

    With 3 mils Azimuth/Deflection accuracy, 1 mil Pitch & Roll / Elevation accuracy in a small, light-weight and low power enclosure this unit replaces expensive solutions for weapons orientation aiming.
    • Low cost alternative to expensive FOG, RLG based INS;
    • MIL-STD-810G, DO-160, MIL-STD-461E;
    • Lightweight and compact size;
    • High Shock and Vibration tolerance;
    • Grenade Launchers, 81 mm Mortars, 60 mm Mortars, 105 mm Howitzers.