Using RINEX 3.02 and Newer as Base Corrections for RESEPI

Posted by Inertial Labs on Jul 13, 2021 4:14:46 PM

Purpose: To understand how to use RINEX data as base corrections when processing data with Inertial Labs RESEPI PCMaster software.

Last Updated: July 2021

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Inertial Labs' PCMaster software, powered by Waypoint® Inertial Explorer from Hexagon | NovAtel ® is Inertial Labs' point cloud generation software. PCMaster allows users to automatically generate PPK corrected trajectories automatically. When a PPK trajectory is not detected in a project, the trajectory generator will automatically begin to run, and the first thing it will ask for is for the base corrections file.

For users that want to use RINEX 3.02 and newer files for base corrections, you will need to make the following modifications to the files.

Below is an example using RINEX files from a public base station from the EUREF GNSS network.


The file ending in MO is the mixed observations file, the file ending in RN is the GLONASS navigation file, the file labeled GN is the GPS navigation file, and the file ending in EN is the Galileo navigation file. After extracting these files, rename the mixed observation file to have a .21d file extension. Rename the GLONASS navigation file to have a .21g file extension, rename the GPS navigation file to have a .21n file extension, and rename the Galileo navigation file to have a .21e file extension. An example of this process is shown below.

Converted RINEX files

When processing data in PCMaster, have all of these files in the flight folder. When PCMaster prompts you for the base measurements file like shown below, select the mixed observation file which is the file with a .21d extension in this case. PCMaster will automatically reference the other navigation RINEX files when converting and resampling the base file.

Basefile Prompt

From there, the base file will be converted and resampled, and your corrected trajectory will begin to be generated.

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