Understanding When to Use the Barometer

Posted by Luke Wilson on Aug 20, 2020 11:31:09 AM

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Purpose: To understand in what cases the barometer should be turned ON and what cases it should be OFF.

Last Updated: June 2020

Case 1: In completely GPS-Denied environment, the pressure sensor should be set to primary altitude sensor as shown below.

Baro-altimeter as primary altitude sensorCase 2: In general, if there is frequent GPS availability, the pressure sensor should be used as a secondary altitude sensor.

Baro-altimeter as secondary altitude sensorCase 3: If the pressure of environment does not reflect altitude of the carrier object (i.e. the INS is inside a submarine underwater), then the pressure sensor should be disabled.

Baro-altimeter disabled


Topics: INS, GPS, Sensor, Barometer, Baro-Altimeter

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