Damping assembly guide for the M300

Posted by Yevhen Bilous on Dec 14, 2022 3:59:41 PM
Yevhen Bilous

This article will help you to figure out how to install the dampening system on your M300.

Components required:

  • DJI - Standard damping on M300 RTK
  • Gremsy - Damping extension for Pixy WS

There are 4 adapter bundles in the box of the damping extension:

Assembly instructions:

Step 1. Separate the standard damping from the M300 RTK


Step 2. Note the marked position of the standard damping as shown below


Step 3. Remove silicone balls from the standard damping


Step 4. Assemble the “adapter bundle 1” into the “position 1” as marked in step 2


Step 5. Assemble the “adapter bundle 2” into the “position 2” as marked in step 2

Step 6. Assemble the “adapter bundle 3” into the “position 3” as marked in step 2

Step 7. Assemble the “adapter bundle 4” into the “position 4” as marked in step 2


Step 8. Complete the damping for gPort & Pixy WS


Step 9. Mount the damping on M300 RTK and ready for use with gPort & Pixy WS


For more information, please see the damping system manufacturer's website: gremsy.com

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